What's the idea?
Audio podcasts are hugely popular but the UK lags far behind the US. We'd like to help change that. (See what the Washington Post wrote).

What's 'social broadcasting?
The sharing of updates or media content via your social networks. Any time you post a written update or send an audio clip, a video or an image to your friends or networks - either personally or professionally - you're doing it.

Who presents the show?
A rotating panel of regulars and guests, anchored by podcaster and former broadcaster Kyle Hannan of the Ecomedia Collective (EMC). The show is recorded in various venues and locations across England, mostly in Bristol and London.

Do you only talk about audio?
No. While we do focus on it, we also talk about simple video and other free tools which anyone could use to make their own audio and video media. We also look at examples of how venues, companies or hardware-makers are making things happen in this context.

When does the podcast come out?
Originally a monthly series when we began in 2015, it became a weekly series in September 2018. with new episodes scheduled for every Sunday.

Does it cost anything?
Not a penny. Just some of your listening time.

Why audio?
Mention 'web media' and most people think 'video'. Yet audio is quicker, easier and cheaper to make and access. Audio is the only form of media you can use without stopping everything else you're doing. Its potential is amazing.  And that's a reality we want to share.

Are you selling anything?
Nope. Though you're welcome to contact us if you feel that your organisation or project could do with some help using audio or other forms of DIY broadcasting to tell your own stories better.

Yep. Today's technology makes it possible to start the ball rolling right now, where you are, with what you have. If you have the time and the skills, you can do all of your own media-making yourself, using freely-available online tools and the hardware (phones etc) you already have. You could soon be your own media company without even knowing it yet. 

What's with the Native American photo?
That's 'Mountain Chief' of the Blackfoot tribe being recorded in 1916 to ensure his songs and traditions would always be remembered. Like the technician flipping the switches, we also believe in the power of capturing and sharing the soundtracks of other lives and interests.

More about that here.

How to get our episodes
You can download to your own device to listen later, hear them immediately via our streaming page, or subscribe via iTunes or Stitcher.

For now, start here.